How do you keep on track with your eating whilst still enjoying yourself during the festive season?

Summer is coming.. Christmas is coming.. New Years is coming.. End of year work/club functions are coming.. Etc Etc.... I know I have missed heaps..but you get what I mean?

So I hear you asking how do you keep on track with your eating whilst still enjoying yourself during the “festive season”? Great question!

Here are my reasons as to why I like to implement these strategies during the festive season!! a). Keeps me on track so all my hard work prior to this isn’t undone. b). I can enjoy the festive season and not feel anxious and guiltily about what I am eating. c). I can attend all of my Xmas functions and not worry about weighing out all of my food and then work out what I can and can’t eat. d). I can enjoy this special time with family and friends.

So how do you go about executing this? Another great question!!

There are few ideas that you can do. I would suggest to try using all of these and find the one that suits you and stick with it.

Implement a structured diet break - You do this by increasing your deficit calories back up to your baseline during your biggest week of eating. This will give you more flexibility with your food and drinks during this week.

Calorie sacrificing - I only like to do this when there is a special function or event coming up. This isn’t something I would do all the time but in saying that I think Christmas is definitely a special function that you could definitely give this ago.. This is the practice of sacrificing cals on previous (or current) or subsequent days of an event in order to allocate yourself some more food credits. The only real way to track doing something like this is via an App like My Fitness Pal. This shows you know exactly how many calories you have in the bank!

Intermittent fasting - I know this isn’t for everyone but for this time of the year it works. Skip your breakfast and save these calories for your celebration events.

Increase your energy out - It’s always about energy in versus energy out. So if you increase your energy out by adding in some more workouts, group fitness classes, walks outside etc.. This will help to maintain your current physique status. The more you move the more you can eat (and drink).

Whatever you do just make sure you have a plan and stick to it. Having this plan gives you a great structure to succeed, helps you stay on track and gives you the freedom to enjoy the festive season!

Let me know how you go?

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