Lemon Delicious Creamy Proats

Serves 1

Calories 368 P - 35g, C - 41g, F - 6g Ingredients: 40g rolled oats 120g liquid egg whites 1/2 tsp cinnamon 15g lemon zest 10mls lemon juice 10g protein powder (Vanilla Ice Cream - Maxine's Burn) 60g vanilla yoghurt 5g salted caramel PB (Macro Mike) 40g blueberries 10g lemon curd Method: 1. In a saucepan place the rolled oats, egg whites, cinnamon, half of the lemon juice and zest and about 100mls water. 2. Heat the saucepan up over a medium heat and whisk the ingredients constantly until they all become creamy (takes about 2-3 minutes).  Don't stop whisking! 3. Once creamy, remove from the heat and mix in the protein powder and the yoghurt until well combined. 4. Place the proats into a bowl.  5. To serve, mix the peanut with the rest of the lemon juice and a drop of water to form a nice smooth sauce. 6. Top the proats with the blueberries, a drizzle of the lemon/peanut butter sauce. To finish dollop the lemon curd on top with the remaining lemon zest. 7. Enjoy!

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