Maple & Cinnamon Air Fried Toast

Serves 1 Calories 214 P - 8g, C - 35g, F - 4g

Ingredients: 2 slices (56g) wholemeal bread (I use Buttercup Country Split wholemeal bread) 15mls sugar free maple syrup Stevia Cinnamon 20mls water

Top with: 35g light ricotta 8g sultanas 20g @natvialiving strawberry jam

Method: 1️. In a bowl, place the maple syrup, stevia, cinnamon & water. Combine altogether. 2️. Coat each slice of bread in the maple mix and place into the air fryer. 3️. Cook for approximately 5 minutes or until crunchy. 4️. While your toast is cooking, in a small bowl mix the ricotta and sultanas together. 5️. Once the toast is cooked, spread the ricotta mix over the top and dollop the with jam. 6️. Serve and enjoy!

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Hi there! My name is Merri Van Lierop and I am a qualified personal trainer, group fitness instructor, diet and nutrition coach and busy Mum creating wholesome and delicious recipes. I have created Merri’s Nutrition and Fitness as a platform where everyone can be educated on what is the correct way to eat a nutritious and balanced diet while reaching and maintaining their health and fitness goals. 

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