Mixed Spice Cauliflower & Pumpkin Creamy Oats

Serves 1

Calories 350 P - 27g, C - 39g F - 9g


125g veggie mash pumpkin and cauliflower (birds eye)

5g almond butter

60g YoPro yogurt- vanilla

7g Macromike powdered peanut butter + sweet original

80g simply egg white (puregg)

40g organic rolled oats

3 tsp sweetened with all natural stevia

2g mixed spice


Caramel sauce

100mls water

Method: 1️. In a saucepan place the frozen pumpkin & cauliflower, egg whites, stevia, mixed spice, cinnamon & about 100mls water.

2️. Place the saucepan over a medium heat and whisk continuously until the oats become thick and creamy. Note: Can take up to 2-3 mins of continuously whisking.

3️. Once thick, remove from heat and mix in the yoghurt until well combined.

4️. Place the oats into a bowl.

5️. In a small bowl mix the almond butter and @macr0mike PB powder with a dash of water until combined.

6️. Dollop onto the oats.

7️. Drizzle the caramel sauce over the top. Serve and enjoy!!

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