My journey to where I am today!

When I finally got back to the gym after having my kids in 2014, I tried all sorts of things from Bootcamps, to personal training, to group fitness classes, to 6, 8, 12 week challenges. These all assisted me in slowly getting back into exercising again.

In 2015 I decided to make fitness not only my hobby but also my life and job. I got qualified as a personal trainer and a group fitness instructor.  It was from there when I really started to learn how to change my body composition, how to train and eat correctly for my personal goals.

I have never stopped learning, I have worked with about 8 different coaches throughout the years. I have trained and mentored many face to face clients in various gym’s I have worked at. I went and got qualified as a nutrition coach and still keep myself busy with further education and study (currently studying sports nutrition and the moment).

But I must say the last 2-3 years is where everything that I have learnt started to fall into place! I met Jo and her husband Geoff about 3 years ago when they were first starting out promoting their new product Coconut Greens powder and after I tasted it I was truly amazed how well a greens powder could taste.  I must say I have tasted other greens powders before and they were terrible. 

Jo and Geoff changed this for the better!

I knew then that I wanted to incorporate this powder into my daily nutritional routine to maintain my health whilst training so intensely.  

In every scoop I was getting 8-10 serves of veggies (and mostly green veggies as well). 

These are all high in vitamin B!!

There are so many ways I take Coconut Greens; first thing in the morning the apple cider vinegar and lemon juice (this combination also assists with maintaining gut health) to putting it in smoothies, yoghurt and protein balls! So versatile!!

Once I nailed my nutrition I then worked on my training. My goals was the build lean muscle whilst dropping body fat but and maintain my current body weight!  

This is what I changed in 2018 to chase these goals:

1. Cut out cardio completely

2. Start lifting weights (4-5 days a week)

3. Was consistent in my training, not making excuses (still maintaining my 4am starts to this day)

4. Tracked my food (sometimes I was in a calorie surplus to build muscle and sometimes I was in a deficit to lose body fat)

5. Even though it was hard work, I never gave up

6. Made sure I was progressing with my weight training and volumes

So in the photo above, my weight is exactly the same; 55.5kgs but as you can see that once I stopped doing cardio in 2018 and started focusing on my nutrition and weight training, my shape really started to change.

 You need to be on point with your nutrition first before even considering hitting the gym.  If you aren’t tracking or even looking at what you are eating then the rest won’t work.  You could be spending hours working out and get nowhere if you haven’t sorted out your nutrition. 

Nutrition first – working out second.

Tip! Make sure you include good natural supplements into your diet (such as Coconut Greens) to assist you in achieving and then maintain your goals.

Once you have sorted out everything that I have mentioned above then things will really start to change!

I have come such a long way in the past 2 years. Currently I am focusing on my new goal of competing in 2 bikini competitions next year. I have just released my first recipe book and now have a very successful online business of coaching clients to achieve their fitness and nutrition goals.

If you want to achieve it.. You are the only one that can make it happen.

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