No Blend Strawberry and Weetbix Smoothie Topped with Dark Chocolate

Serves 1

Calories 310

P – 26g, C – 36g, F – 5g


100g plain low-fat greek yoghurt

80mls almond, milk vanilla unsweetened

15g protein powder

35g gluten-free weetbix

100g frozen strawberries

4.5g Cadbury Old Gold Chocolate (shaved)



1. In a bowl place the yoghurt, almond milk & protein powder and mix until combined. (Add some water if too thick).

2. Crush the weetbix over the yoghurt mixture and mix through.

3. Top with frozen (has to be frozen) strawberries and the chocolate.

4. Sprinkle stevia over the top (optional).

5. Serve and enjoy!

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