One major thing I have learnt from comp prep, so far

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One major thing I have learnt from comp prep SO FAR..... I am loving prepping for my 2020 comp because it has taught me to love my body again! I used to be so self-conscious of my body, my cellulite, my bumps, my lumps and stretched skin from having kids. But that self-conscious feeling has now gone! I love all these things about myself now because it completes me!

Comp prep has taught me to become more confident within myself first. Which has now resulted in being confident on the outside as well.

I no longer care about all my body image concerns that I had in the past anymore. I am NOW proud of how far I have come. I am proud of my passion and dedication of what I am striving to do next year. The little things no longer worry me. I am a confident women who knows what she wants. Putting on a bikini no longer phases me and I don’t care what people think of me anymore. As long as I am happy then that is what counts. It is amazing what prepping for this comp has done so far for my self-confidence. This journey isn’t just about getting ripped and standing up on stage in a bikini. It’s about the whole entire journey to get to that end point. It’s about what I am learning along the way. It’s about combating the mental and physical walls that were initially saying that I wasn’t good enough to do this. But you know what, I am good enough to do this. I can do this. I have got this. I am good enough to do this. I am standing tall and saying THIS IS ME and I am going to smash it.

So main take away points to remember here are:

1. Anyone is capable of doing anything they want. The only thing that is stopping you from doing it is you.

2. Step out of that comfort zone and see what amazing things you can achieve.

3. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable spot or situation can result in a positive outcome.

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