Salted Caramel Proats

Salted caramel Proats (serves 1) Calories 408 P ~ 25g, C ~ 50g, F ~ 10g

Ingredients: 40g rolled oats 14g salted caramel hot chocolate powder 100g egg whites 11g medjool date, diced 70mls water Pink Himalayan rock salt Top with: 10g @macr0mike salted caramel PB 14mls sugar free maple syrup 10g dark chocolate bits

Method: 1. Place the oats, egg whites, hot chocolate powder, salt, dates and about 70-100mls of water into saucepan over a medium heat and whisk together until the oats become soft and creamy. 2. Add more water if the oats become too dry. 3. Once creamy, remove from heat and place the oats into a serving bowl. 4. Drizzle the peanut butter and sugar free maple syrup over the top. 5. Top with dark chocolate bits and serve.

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