Savoury French Toast Sandwich

Serves 1

Cals 300

P ~ 21g, C ~ 25g, F ~ 12g


33g triple smoked ham

30g creamed cottage cheese (97% fat free)

27g avocado, hass

20g baby spinach

42g tomato

30ml almond milk, vanilla unsweetened

55g egg



1. Preheat a non-stick fry pan.

2. Place the bread into the pan.

3. Tip the beaten egg & milk over the top.

4. Cook until the egg is set.

5. Place fillings on one side of the bread

6. Cut off the excess egg around the outside of the bread and place it into the sandwich.

7. Place the other slice on top and continue to cook until the bread is crunchy!

8. Flip the sandwich and cook until crunchy on the other side - yummy!!!

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