Sweet Egg White Pancake

Calories 237

P – 25g, C – 19g, F – 7g

Serves 1


120g @pureggandlifeplus egg whites

50g low fat smooth ricotta


100g strawberries

140g greek yoghurt


1. In a small bowl whisk the eggs whites, ricotta, cinnamon and stevia together until nice and fluffy.

2. Heat a non-stick fry pan (spray a little olive oil spray) over a medium heat and tip the mixture into the pan to form a big pancake.

3. Cook on one side and then fold it into quarters before flipping and cooking on the other side.

4. Meanwhile, place the strawberries into a microwave safe dish and place into the microwave for 20-40 secs or until runny.

5. Remove the pancake from heat and place onto a plate and top with the strawberries and yoghurt.

6. Serve and enjoy!!

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