The Golden Pyramid of Fat Loss

As you would have read on one of my social media posts this week I talk about the

“Golden Pyramid of Fat Loss!

Honestly if someone had explained this to me when I was just started out on my own health and fitness journey about 15+ years ago then I would have saved so much time, money and hardship wondering why what I was doing wasn’t working!

I am here today to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes I made. So make sure you read this, save it, print it and use this as a handy reference so you don’t do what I did!!

If you want to lose body fat then you NEED to be doing it in this order to get your results!  There is no other way!!

When I first started out really getting into fitness about 15 + years ago I would spend hours and hours on all of the cardio equipment, then I would go and do more cardio (group fitness classes), then I would eat what I wanted (let’s call this clean eating) without knowing if I was in a calorie deficit or not.  To be honest I had actually never heard of what a calorie deficit is (ie. eating below your maintenance level of calories) or even how to even track this. 

Looking back now I can see what I was doing was all wrong. It left me wondering why everything I was doing wasn’t working!!!

Now flash forward 15 + years. I am now much more educated, I have learnt so much in regards to what are the right and wrong ways to losing body fat.

This pyramid sums it all up in one photo. Geez,  if someone had given this to me 15 years ago I would of save so much time from just aimlessly walking/running on the bloody treadmill!


1. To lose body fat the No. 1 Rule is this and REMEMBER THIS! ......YOU NEED TO BE IN A CALORIE DEFICIT. If you aren’t then nothing else is going to work! NOTHING!!! You have to start here and change this FIRST.

Then follows everything else...

2. Protein intake  I make sure all 6 meals I have during the day contain protein. You don’t need to go crazy with protein. If you aim to have 1.8~2.6 grams x your current body weight then you are onto a good thing. You don’t need any more than this.

3. When I started lifting weights and got rid of all the cardio this is where all the magic happened (plus incorporating the top 2 points of course)! My body fat dropped and nice muscle definition happened!

Omg who would of thought!

I also changed up the way I was training as well. This made a massive difference as well!

Keep this chart below as a handy tool.. If you aren’t doing this, change it today to recommendations below.

1. LOWER FREE WEIGHT COMPOUND MOVEMENTS (such as squats, hip thrusts, deadlifts)

Rep range: 3-8 Sets: 5+

2. LOWER MACHINE COMPOUND MOVEMENTS (such as leg press, leg curl)

Rep range: 6-12 Sets: 4

3. LOWER ISOLATION MOVEMENTS (such as calf raises, leg extensions, leg curls)

Rep range: 8-20 Sets: 3-4

UPPER FREE WEIGHT COMPOUND MOVEMENTS (such as overhead press, bench press, barbell back row)

Rep range: 3-12 Sets: 3-4

4. UPPER MACHINE COMPOUND MOVEMENTS (such as lat pulldowns, cable back rows)

Rep range: 6-15 Sets: 3-4

5. UPPER ISOLATION MOVEMENTS (such as bicep curls, tricep pushdowns, lateral raises)

Rep range: 8-20 Sets: 3-4

4. Sleep is so important because it keeps your hormones like leptin and ghrelin (hunger hormone) in check. If you are tired then you eat more! But not only that, sleep is a time when several of the body’s hormones are released into the bloodstream. These include growth hormones which is essential for growth (ie. muscle growth) and tissue repair.  That is why I always say... make sure you schedule 1-2 rest days per week and sleep 7-8 hours a night. This is why!!!

5. Cardio (my old friend). I just don’t do it anymore because it isn’t necessary. I just give myself a step goal of 12-15,000 steps a day and that is enough. You actually burn enough calories lifting weights!

So if you aren’t doing all of these 5 steps (especially no. 1) and your goal is fat loss then you need to make a change today!  Find a coach that can work out calories and macros and then put you into a calorie deficit.  That is a good start to making a change in the right direction.

I hope this helped and let me know how you go!


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