Wholesome mix of pork Parmigiana, veggies and potato

Serves 1 Calories 387 P – 32.4g, C – 51.5g, F-5g


110g Parmigiana pork loin steaks

155g Steam fresh carrots, corn and broccoli

185g low carb potato’s

137g butternut pumpkin, peeled, raw

30g gravy: liquid pouch, roast pork

30g Australian baby spinach


1. Steam veggies for 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

2. Air fry the low carb potato’s and pumpkin for 12 minutes.

4. Cook the parmigiana pork loin steaks.

3. Heat up the gravy in the microwave for 30 seconds.

4. Put the pork, carrots, corn, broccoli, potato’s, pumpkin, spinach and gravy all in one bowl and enjoy!

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