Work With Me

Food Photography

I have a passion for food styling and photography.  In the past I have worked with fitness social media entrepreneurs by creating, styling and photographing their healthy food recipes for their own fitness and recipe books (both E-Books and hard copies).

If you are developing or interested in developing a recipe E-Book and require assistance in the area of photography, styling and recipe content please contact me and I can certainly help you out. This is a huge passion of mine which I absolutely love!

Recipe Developer Contributions

I love working with other social media influences who have a passion for creating and developing healthy recipes.  I love featuring these recipes within my client meal plans. If you think your recipes would fit into a Merri’s Nutrition and Fitness meal guide please send me an e-mail today to be considered. In return you will be credited for your recipe contribution and your social media and website pages will be promoted (via Merri’s Nutrition and Fitness website).

Gym Challenge Meal Plans and Coaching

Whether you are a personal trainer or a gym manager/owner, I can work with you on your next gym challenge. I write challenge meal plans to suit all individual gym challenges. It is personalised to suit your individual client and/or gym requirements. I also offer additional challenge coaching/support to your clients throughout their entire challenge; whether it is through private social media groups or via instant messenger. Contact me to discuss your requirements today.

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Ambassador Roles

I am so excited to be a Maxine’s Burn ambassador!!

Maxine’s are a 100% Australian owned and operated company who pride themselves on producing the highest quality women’s fitness nutritional supplements.

I am so excited to be aligned and promote this Australian company and especially one that is dedicated to helping women reach their health and fitness goals.

Maxine’s Burn have spent many years formulating their supplements specifically suited to the nutrition needs of women.

They have a passionate in-house team of sports scientist and food technologist who continually seek new ingredients, production methods and innovation recipes (such as gluten free and plant based proteins) to innovate their selection and meet life’s energy.

Here in Australia, Maxine’s have a great reputation within the health & fitness industry!

You can see my Maxine’s Burn recipes that I have created by clicking on the link here 

Social Media Takeovers

Yes I actually like to speaking into the camera while having fun promoting healthy products from awesome companies! 

If you are a company trying to increase your social media awareness and following’s and would like some assistance I can help by doing guest appearances and take overs via your social media platforms.  I can make live recipes, give nutritional and fitness advice while promoting your products.

SnapChat, Instagram and Facebook stories are platforms I use daily for advertising, promoting and education.

Contact me to discuss this further!